Agribusiness Industry Advisory Committee

Mr Martin Pentecost

Independent Chair

Bachelor of Science(Curtin University), Post Graduate Diploma Business Management (University of Southern QLD)

Martin has over 25 years’ experience in Australia’s Agribusiness sector and is highly regarded as a consultant and advisor and has consulted to some of the largest corporate and private family farming and grazing businesses across Australia.
He has worked across a wide range of agribusiness including retail, banking, export and agency as well as hands on agricultural production enterprises ranging from horticulture, broad scale cropping and large scale livestock grazing.
He has managed large teams of staff managing businesses with multi-million dollar revenues and has held board of director and leadership roles across the private sector.

Mr Tim Burrow

Independent Member

Graduate Diploma in Agriculture Systems (University of Western Sydney- Hawksbury), Associate Diploma in Farm Management  (University of Adelaide)

Tim is currently the CEO of Agribusiness Australia, one of this country’s industry pillars advancing Agribusiness for the national good. Tim is an experienced Leader, Consultant and Director with over 38 years of experience in the agribusiness industry. He is skilled in negotiation, budgeting, business strategy and planning, operations management and farming. He is currently also a Director at Kannak Manor and Wachstum Pty Ltd.

Mr James Thompson

Independent Member

Master of Business Administration (University of Melbourne), Diploma of Business Studies (RMIT University).

James is a proven collaborative leader, who is result oriented and focused on building business value through change and stepped improvements, with significant experience in the services, FMCG and agribusiness sectors. A strong ‘people person’ leader, with a functional leaning towards sales and marketing. He have high level of interpersonal skills which complement his drive for enterprising and innovative business development.

Ms Liz Mann

Independent Member

Bachelor of Agricultural Science – Honours (University of Tasmania), Graduate Diploma in Applied Science – Ag Management and Extension (University of Melbourne), Diploma AICD Company Directors Course

Liz has over 23 years’ experience working in Industry based horticultural organisations. More recently this has included almost 20 years as Industry Development Manager with the Australian Processing Tomato Research Council Inc. where she has been responsible for overseeing the industry research and development program and undertaking specific sub-projects, and 5 years as the Executive Officer for the Maize Association of Australia. In addition, she also works on a consultancy basis in a range of areas including project management, board membership (AuSPICA) and agricultural expert witness. During the past 5 years she has also managed approximately $60M of funding under the On-Farm Irrigation Efficiency Program which is funded through the Australian Government’s Sustainable Rural Water Use and Infrastructure Program.
She has also worked in the pyrethrum, poppy, onion and seed industries in the past in a range of roles including quality assurance, plant breeding and agronomy. She has also worked in farm financial management, working closely with farmers to increase their understanding of their farm business performance.
She also has her own irrigation property and is a registered Poll Dorset Stud breeder.