International Enrolment Process

Step 1: Find the Best Course That Suits You

Have a look thorough course information on our website and decide on a course which best suits your interests. Once you find a course that you want to study, make an enquiry through the website.

For more information about becoming an student at Lyons College, please see our Student Handbook. The Student Handbook has lots of information about the course itself, the admissions and enrolment process, important policies and procedures regarding your student experience, what support and welfare services are available and lots of other useful information.

For the International VET Student Handbook, please CLICK HERE

Step 2: Find out About Studying in Australia

Now that you have found a course you want to study, find out about life in Australia, and what you can expect from education providers. Please see the below links which provides information which will help you decide whether you want to study in Australia:

Step 3: Submit an Application

Complete an International Student Application Form and provide certified copies of all documents required. You can email this to and one of our Admissions Team member will assist you.

Step 4: Letter of Offer

Once the application has been processed by the Admissions Team and approved, you will receive a Letter of Offer. This may be a Conditional Letter of Offer which means you need to meet further requirements.

Step 5: Acceptance of Offer

To accept an Offer, you will need to sign the Acceptance Form, sign the Student Agreement, provide all of the required documents/evidence and make a payment of the deposit. Once you have done all of this and returned the signed Acceptance Form and Student Agreement, please provide proof of payment so we can proceed.

Step 6: Issuing of Conformation of Enrolment (CoE)

Once Lyons College has confirmed receipt of the signed Acceptance Form and Student Agreement and confirmed payment has been received, a CoE will be issued. You will need the CoE to apply for your student visa.

Step 7: Student Visa Application

Once you have the CoE, you will need to apply to the Australian Department of Home Affairs for your Student Visa. You will not be permitted to commence the course until you provide evidence that you have obtained a Student Visa. Information and applications are available through the following website:

Step 8: Arrange Travel, Accommodation, and Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

You will need to arrange your travel to ensure that you arrive in Australia prior to your orientation date. If you haven’t requested Lyons College arrange airport pick up for you, you will need to do that as well.

We recommend that you arrive at least a week before orientation so you have time to adjust. That should give you enough time to set up bank accounts, get a local sim card, get used to Melbourne and travel from where you are staying to our city campus so you know how to get to classes.

If you have not requested that Lyons College arranges accommodation for you, you will need to organise accommodation yourself before arriving in Australia. Please think about where the campus is and where your accommodation will be, as you don’t want to be too far away, or somewhere which doesn’t have good public transport.

As part of your visa conditions, you must have OSHC for the entire time you are studying in Australia. If you have not requested Lyons College to arrange this for you, you will need to organise yourself. Even if you have a valid visa, you may be denied entry into Australia if you do not have OSHC.

Step 9: Travel to Australia and Attend Orientation

As we mentioned earlier, we recommend that you arrive at least a week before orientation. Orientation is when you will meet the other students and the staff at Lyons College. We will also provide you with important information regarding your course, and outline what we expect from you and what you can expect from Lyons College.

Step 10: Commence Classes

After orientation, you will commence classes and be on your way to gaining the qualifications that your course provides. Good luck from all of us at Lyons College!