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Student Support Service

Academic language support services

Lyons College offers academic language support services to both domestic and international students. Students can access all academic support services by speaking to their trainer, lecturer, course coordinator or any other member of staff. Academic language support could include assistance with:

  • Essay-writing skills
  • Note-taking
  • Editing and proof-reading
  • English for Academic Purposes

Additionally, the College offers academic language support services exclusively for international students to address any academic issues that may arise amongst student for whom English is not a first language. Support services include:

  • Conversational English programs
  • Mentor support programs
  • English language support classes and workshops
  • Academic English classes
  • Assistance with essays and reports

Academic learning services

Lyons College offers additional academic support services designed to assist domestic and international students achieve their maximum academic potential. These services aim to strengthen student skills and include:

  • Advice on time-management
  • Study techniques and advice
  • Test and exam techniques
  • Advice and assistance on preventing stress and anxiety
  • Advice on academic integrity and plagiarism
  • Advice on delivering presentations

Student Welfare Services

Lyons College considers a student’s welfare as their physical, emotional, mental, intellectual, cultural and social wellbeing. Lyons College has a duty of care to ensure the welfare of all students and to ensure that they are safe and secure while on campus. Lyons College also provides support and advice to enable students to maintain their welfare, safety, wellbeing and security when they are not on campus.

Lyons College staff will be able to provide assistance and guidance to any student requiring any welfare or wellbeing services. Where a staff member is unable to provide the welfare services directly, Lyons College will attempt to access external assistance were reasonable. The types of welfare and well-being services the Lyons College can provide assistance with include that is not limited to:

Medical issues Mental health
Crisis intervention services Disability issues
Issues associated with accommodation Tutoring
Legal questions Financial matters
Stress management Assistance finding visa-allowable part-time employment;
Advocacy services Advice regarding government agencies where visa issues may be resolved

Students who require any welfare all wellbeing services should contact the student administration staff. They can facilitate the appropriate welfare and wellbeing services or refer the student to the correct staff member to deal with the issues.

Lyons College will provide academic support for students with a learning difficulty or a disability. These additional support services may include: referrals to external resources, progress intervention for at-risk students, and academic support through the relevant academic staff.

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+61 3 8648 6610
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