To make a positive contribution to industry, society and community through education.


To provide a quality educational experience. To equip our staff, students and graduates to continually advance in their professional environments. Our students, staff and graduates will positively contribute to industry, society and community by reflecting our Values.


Progress towards our mission is guided by a set of core values that underpin all of Lyons College’s activities. These core values are Accountability, Integrity, Quality and Inclusion.


  • Accountability means striving for excellence and being accountable to ourselves and our community. This will be reflected by holding each other to account, striving for optimal impact and relevance through working together and making a positive and valued contribution to the industry, society and community.


  • Integrity means expecting and applying the highest personal, professional and ethical standards in all our actions. This will be reflected in transparency, consistency and fairness in our conduct and practices.


  • Quality standard of Lyons College always strives to ensure that its educational offerings remain of the highest quality and relevant to student, staff community and employer needs. This will be reflected in the contribution that our students, alumnus and staff provide to stakeholders across industry, society and community.


  • Inclusion means Lyons College promotes Inclusion and diversity of capable applicants through hiring practices, admissions processes, teaching and working environments, and through formal policies and procedures. Access will be enhanced for capable students across a range of socio-economic backgrounds, from both within and outside of Australia, who wish to succeed, prosper and contribute value through further education. Likewise, Lyons College is an equal opportunity employer and will support staff in their ongoing professional development.

Student Focus

Lyons College strives to have a student focused mindset that includes listening to student needs and ensuring a positive learning experience. This will be refleced in the quality of our student services and satifactory of students

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