Orientation Services

Our orientation program will help you get started at Lyons College. During orientation we will show you around, help you get ready for study and make you feel at home in Melbourne.

Lyons College has an orientation program to support students when they begin their journey as a student with us. The orientation program is designed to provide information and support so that students can better transition into student life at Lyons College.

The orientation program will have different streams for international and domestic students. This is because of the different types of transitions faced by international and domestic students. There orientation program is an opportunity for students to understand what support and welfare services are available to them, as well as get to know the campus and the staff.



The orientation program encompasses a range of educational, course planning, independent living and social information including:

  • Information on medical and emergency services
  • Information on complaints and appeals processes
  • Registration, Student ID Cards, and campus tour
  • Workshops on living and studying in Australia
  • Library orientation
  • Introduction to the Learning Management System (LMS) and IT systems
  • Advice on course planning
  • Individual course advice and enrolment check
  • Discussion on academic expectations including plagiarism
  • Information on English language support
  • Information on student support services
  • Information on student visa conditions relating to course progress
  • Discussion and tour of the College’s facilities and resources

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