Dr Syed Haider

Syed Haider is an accomplished academic leader and industry expert with over thirty years of higher education and industry experience. He holds a Ph.D. in accounting and has earned three master’s qualifications in Software Development, Banking and Finance, and Business Administration. He also has a Bachelor of Arts in Education and Economics and a Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Education.

Currently serving as the Dean of Higher Education at Lyons College and concurrently holding the position of Adjunct Fellow at Victoria University, he is actively shaping the future of academia and contributing to the intellectual development of emerging professionals. His impactful leadership extends to successfully leading various transformation projects within higher education.

Syed’s journey to his current roles unfolded through key positions, including Head of Learning and Teaching, where he pioneered innovative pedagogical approaches, and Head of Academic Planning, where strategic vision seamlessly merged with educational excellence. During his tenure as the Planning Manager for the Business College, he played a pivotal role in shaping the institutional landscape.

In addition to these academic and professional achievements, he is a member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and a Chartered Accountant.

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